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About TQI

The Qatar Insider is the comprehensive source for information on the truth about Qatar’s funding, activities and support for terrorist and extreme Islamist groups.

While Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim’s government presents a public face against terror, its long and growing record of collusion suggests otherwise. According to a June 2016 report from the US State Department, “entities and individuals within Qatar continue to serve as a source of financial support for terrorist and violent extremist groups.”

What’s more, the US Treasury Department in 2014 warned that “Qatar has become such a permissive terrorist financing environment, that several major Qatar-based fundraisers act as local representatives for larger terrorist fundraising networks.” And in June 2017, the Financial Times reported that Qatar paid $1 billion for the release of a royal hunting party kidnapped in Iraq using funds “secured through payments to one Iranian-backed organization and another al-Qaeda-linked one – a stark reminder that Doha is willing to do business with its Arab neighbors’ worst enemies.”

Providing an in-depth look at the shadowy network behind Qatar’s state-sponsored terrorism, the Qatar Insider blog is lifting the veil on:

How Qatar works behind the scenes to finance terrorists and extreme Islamists and host them in-country;
Qatar’s refusal to adhere to the 2014 Riyadh Declaration, which required signees to condemn all forms of terrorism and ensured Qatar would eliminate its financial support and media platforms for extreme Islamists ; and Qatar’s hidden agenda to advance Islamist extremism that is emboldening terrorists and endangering, harming and costing innocent lives around the world.