Sheikh Sultan bin Suhaim’s palace supervisor reveals terror of Qatari authorities | The Qatar Insider

Sheikh Sultan bin Suhaim’s palace supervisor reveals terror of Qatari authorities

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Sahar Al-Sheikh, the Sudanese supervisor of Sheikh Sultan bin Suhaim Al-Thani’s palace, revealed her last moments in Qatar and how Qatari security deported her from Doha after beating her, threatening her with death and even of assassinating her in her country Sudan.
Al-Sheikh told Sky News Arabia about the fear and enforced disappearances among workers in Qatar, stressing that what she witnessed in Doha at the hands of security officials confirmed to her that Qatari authorities sponsor terrorism, as she experienced it firsthand from Qatari security.
The Qatari state security apparatus stormed Sheikh Sultan bin Suhaim’s palace in Doha and seized his and his family’s property.
Al-Sheikh told Sky News Arabic that a group of Qatari security forces stormed her residence in Doha and forced her to leave with them.
She explained that she was transferred directly to Hamad International Airport in the Qatari capital, before being deported to Khartoum via Qatar Airways without allowing her to take her money and personal property.
Al-Sheikh added that she had received a phone call from Sheikh Sultan, who asked to talk to his sons. Later, she was surprised by a convoy of security vehicles storming the building where she lived. After being lured outside by a woman who said there was a message from Sheikh Sultan that must be received, she was arrested and deported.
She said all telephone conversations in Qatar were monitored by the state security apparatus.

(Video courtesy: Sky News Arabia)

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