Qatar spending profusely on Neymar, not fighting terrorism | The Qatar Insider

Qatar spending profusely on Neymar, not fighting terrorism

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By The Qatar Insider

August 8, 2017

Qatar-owned Paris St. Germain, the French football/soccer club, spent $263 million on Brazilian star Neymar last week. It was just the latest example of the country looking for a distraction from what is really needed – an end to the country’s support for terrorists and extremist groups.

Thankfully, the French government wasn’t hoodwinked.

According to Bloomberg, French government spokesman Christophe Castaner said that the record-breaking contract is an attempt by Qatar to influence international opinion and diplomacy.

“It’s essential that Qatar sheds full transparency on subjects like the financing of terrorism,” Castaner said.

Bloomberg’s story continued:

“It’s the latest in a series of headline-grabbing deals by Qatar, which has a history of buying trophy assets. The world’s top exporter of liquefied natural gas has since June agreed to buy F-15 fighter jets from the U.S., seven warships from Italy and explored the idea of buying a stake in American Airlines before backing out in the end.”

These transparent moves by Qatar aren’t fooling anyone. Instead of splashing money around, Qatar should be focused on making the necessary changes to its behavior. Instead of signing forwards, it should be moving forward to end its financing and harboring of extremists.

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