Qatar buys $6 billion worth of warships in second major arms deal | The Qatar Insider

Qatar buys $6 billion worth of warships in second major arms deal

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By The Qatar Insider

August 3, 2017

Rather than address its fundamental flaw of supporting terror, Qatar is beefing up its maritime presence. From the New York Times:

“Qatar agreed on Wednesday to buy seven Italian warships at a cost of nearly $6 billion in the latest example of checkbook defiance by the gas-rich country in its two-month-old feud with four neighboring Arab countries.”

This purchase is the country’s second major arms deal since Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates cut diplomatic ties with the country over its refusal to fight and cease funding terrorism. A tiny country with a population of roughly 300,000, Qatar is using this purchase not for military gain but to illustrate it won’t back down.

It raises the question: does Doha anticipate attacking and going to war with its neighbors? Or is this just its latest “checkbook defiance” move?

Although Qatar recently filed a petition with the World Trade Organization, which allows for 60 days of negotiations between the parties, and its four neighbors have repeatedly tried to engage in dialogue with the country, Doha doesn’t seem willing to come to the table.

Finding a workable solution to the Qatar Crisis is not a priority for Doha – and neither is fighting extremists and terror financing. It seems that the country is content to use its cash to build up its military and continue funding terrorist groups.

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